Scriptable Customizable Extract-Transform-Load

SpatialBase uses Microsofts Powershell for its ETL operations.

Using SpatialBase’s Powerfull ETL one can read Microstation Design files, select specific levels, transform from the local coordinate system to a global one and update a given spatial table.

SpatialBases ETL can import and process data from the following spatial data sources:

1. ESRI Shape Files
2. MapInfo TAB/MIF files
3. Autodesk, DWG and DXF files
4. Surface string and DTM files
5. Datamine point, string, triangle and Block model files
6. Whittle block models
7. Modelmaker total files
8. Microstation design files

SpatialBase is also able to import element attributes and store them with the geometry as needed.

Spatial base can also export to these formats as needed.